I love pajama dance parties and loud music. I love the smell of vanilla, baked bread and lemon. I’m incredibly organized but horrible with directions. Scary movies and late night popcorn are my jam. I can have a margarita and chips and salsa any day of the week (really any meal of the day). I’m a daughter, a woman, a friend, a creative storyteller and I’m so proud of the work I get to do everyday. I can always do Sunday brunch with a beach view. I’m very thoughtful and kind but definitely a firecracker. I own over 20 striped shirts (some may argue that I have an obsession). I grew up on a street called Story Place, hence my business name. Traveling is a necessity—we should always be exploring and experiencing new things; that’s how we grow and avoid repetition. I’m a total dog lover and am obsessed with cooking. Surrounding myself with people who make me laugh, who are kind, and loving are extremely important to me. I speak passionately and talk with my hands often. I believe that one of the prettiest things you can ever wear is a smile!

And if you're wondering how to pronounce my name, here's some help: Ahh-The-Niece. The "D" is pronounced like a "TH" and everyone gets so confused. 


My career in Marketing evolved after working in a few different arenas. I began as a buyer in the apparel industry working with contemporary women's and men's brands. Witnessing the surge of social media and its effect on brand exposure and revenue growth, I quickly learned the in's and out's of the emerging media landscape. I decided to teach myself all things social, soon learning I had a knack for creating content. Shortly after, I was offered the role of Director of e-Commerce & Marketing for LA based retailer Kitson. In a short time I doubled the brand's Instagram following, created strong influencer partnerships and marketed successful events. I soon began receiving business inquiries across several different industries and I realized I wanted to creatively tell each of their stories. I spent the next few years freelancing, consulting and collaborating with inspiring people and brands, all of which led me here, to Story Place Media.

At Story Place Media, we set out to tell your story - or rather - the essence of what makes you, you. Combining storytelling, lifestyle branding and creative content, we connect you with your intended audience in a way that sparks emotion and inspires action. We collaborate with you to create a brand vision, then using a specifically tailored strategy to engineer a captivating online presence. Story Place Media helps define your brand values, tapping into your voice to curate cohesive visual content. We will work together to drive growth, build a community and establish your brand. We'll help tell your story.

We're big fans of the sunshine here at Story Place Media which is why we're headquartered in Venice Beach, California. But we do love adventures and service areas beyond the Los Angeles and Southern California area.